2 Antworten auf Expatriates: 10 issues to be considered if working in Germany

  1. Peter Visser sagt:

    I was told that it is beneficial for both employer AND employee to hire 65+, since certain taxes are no longer paid for.
    Could you please explain that?

  2. Juan sagt:

    Hi My name is Juan and i live in Canada, i have received a job offer from an Oil and Gas company located in Berlin, Germany.
    I have verified information about the company and it exists in internet and it has branches in Germany and UK.
    I also, found information about the company in a website in companieshouse.gov.uk and now, i have received a contract agreement from the company but i have been looking for information about the following :
    “ Euro/German Expatriate Financial Statutory Laws“,
    Basically here , the company mention that 3 months of salary should be paid in advanced before the trip and it is based on this law, but i am not able to find any information about it and now it looks like is a scam.
    In this website i saw that some topics were covered in the contract agreement that I have but nothing was mentioned about the German Expatriate Financial Statutory Law.
    I really would like to get information about it.

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